November 27, 2022
What Is The Process For Canada PR?

What Is The Process For Canada PR?

Canada PR is five years multiple entry visas that offers the opportunity to skill foreign workers in Canada. Canadian government offers to extend or renew your visa after five years. After three staying in Canada, you can also apply for a Canadian citizen. Before you start applying for PR, you should know the basics of the Canada PR process. It is vital to understand the requirements and eligibility requirements for each program. For example, you should know the differences between the Employer-driven program and the points system. In addition, you should understand the requirement for residency and the Sponsorship of a spouse or partner.

Employer-driven program:

Employer-driven programs for Canada PR can help you obtain permanent residency or citizenship status. These programs are designed to encourage employers to bring in skilled foreign workers to Canada. The requirements vary from province to province, but the main criteria include having a job offer from a Canadian employer. In most cases, candidates must meet certain criteria before they are considered for nomination.

Points system:

The points system for Canada PR is based on several factors. For example, having a relative in Canada is an advantage. In addition, you can earn an extra ten points if you have a degree from an accredited institution in Canada. Generally, the higher your score, the higher your chance of being granted an ITA.

Residency obligation:

If you are planning on living in Canada, there are some things you need to know about your residency obligation. First, you need to be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days a year. This is assessed on a rolling basis and is calculated by looking back at your stay in Canada in the past 5 years.

The IRCC will assess you when you apply for a PR Travel Document or PR Card renewal. It may also assess you at the land border or airport. If the immigration officer determines that you cannot meet your residency requirement within five years, he or she can either cancel your PR status or refer you for an interview.

Sponsorship of a spouse or partner:

The process of sponsorship of a spouse or partner for Canada PR is relatively straightforward. You will need to fill out an application form and provide the necessary supporting documents. The government website has all the required information for applying. You can submit an outland application if you are in Canada and an inland application if you are outside the country. You will need to provide a marriage certificate or proof of marriage registration if you are applying on behalf of your spouse.

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